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Carmen’s Thoughts – Joys of Adulthood

The internet hates adulthood (or “adulting”). It means that we are leaving our beloved childhood behind for responsibilities like our own laundry, paying our own bills, and cooking food that doesn’t have the word “instant” on the packaging. But, there are a few things about being an adult that I’ve picked up on so far that are actually kind of awesome.

My family and I have always been close, but we’ve gotten so much closer since we’re all adults now. It would take an act of God to get my brother to answer his phone when I called when he was in high school. Now, he calls me, and we have typically 15 minute conversations. Most of it is about nothing in particular, some of it is general ranting and unsolicited advice-giving. I call my parents (mostly Mom, every day if not more) regularly, and when I ask for their advice, I try to take it instead of rolling my eyes and sighing like I did as a teenager. I’ll admit, they’re right 99% of the time. We can all have actual conversations with each other and enjoy our time together. It’s pretty cool.

Another hidden benefit of “adulting” is seeing the good consequences from your actions. Instead of going out to eat/drink every other day, you spend that money getting groceries to prep meals for the next few days. It takes more time, but my bank account likes it, which makes me happy. Instead of stuffing my face with butterfingers and various forms of Mexican food when I’m stressed, I take a walk outside or do some yoga in my room (exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy – Elle Woods, Legally Blonde).

These things can be done before you become an adult, but from what I’ve noticed in the relatively short time I’ve experienced adulthood, you truly come to appreciate the little things more. The sunny day on my day off? I’m going to the beach because I can do that. I’m excited about something at school or work? I’m going to tell everyone I care about because that rarely happens! I have enough money in my bank account after paying rent and other bills? I can go to that concert with that band I’ve always wanted to see!

Enjoy the good moments, breathe more, stay positive.



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