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Howdy – David here again! This time out I thought I’d offer up some thoughts on something that everyone can relate to – aging! I turned 54 last week, and had to get my driver’s license renewed, complete with a new picture. Given that the last picture I had taken was 14 years ago, I guess it was time… But the physical changes reflected in those pictures were definitely noticeable! A lot less hair, and what was there was a lot more grey.

I think our society as a whole has a real fear of growing older. We worship youth, and desperately cling to it. And advertisers are more than happy to play to those obsessions.

But you know what? Getting older isn’t that bad! I mean, I miss the resilience of my younger form. I find that I get tired more easily now, and it takes longer to recover when I do push myself. But, overall, as I often say, getting older “beats the alternative”! I would certainly rather have another birthday than not!

Seriously though, I like being this age. I have a level of confidence and comfort with myself that I lacked as a younger man. I have experience and knowledge that can only be gained by living. And, more than anything, I think I have gained an appreciation for the power of the passage of time.

How many times do we hear, when we’re younger, that “time heals all wounds”. Surprisingly enough, I have found that is true. And that is something you don’t learn until you experience it a time or two yourself.

The final thing I’ll mention in this meditation on aging is one of the most important lessons I have learned – everything changes. Nothing stays the same forever. And that is a powerful concept to internalize. It gives me a greater appreciation for the joys in my life, because I know they won’t be there forever. And it gives my hope during the trials of life, because I know they won’t be there forever either.

So in summary, my hope for you is that you embrace today, whatever age you are. Cherish those things that bring you joy, and try to look beyond whatever challenges you may be facing. For both will pass.


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