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Sunday Thought

Ecclesiastes 3:6 continued.

“…a time to keep and a time to throw away”

A lot has been going on this weekend.  We moved Carmen back to LSU on Friday, and Stephen began to move back home yesterday and today.

Carmen’s move, this time, has been more permanent.  We took more time going through “keepsakes” and disposing of items (donating some) that were no longer loved.  It was hard for her to let go.  It meant letting go of parts of her childhood.  Items that just couldn’t be parted with are in stored in the attic.

Her room was to be more of a guest room (she didn’t take her furniture or a lot of her books etc).  That was the primary reason of really not leaving everything in her room.  More of guest feel, but the ability to come home at any time and have a place to stay.  She is getting settled at LSU, and ready to conquer this school year.

But, now Stephen will be occupying her room on a temporary basis.  The majority of his stuff will be housed in the garage.  I don’t like the idea of not parking in the garage (very selfish I know).  Although, he was not thriving on his own with the people he was living with, he realized it before it got to be too much.

He is letting go of some bad relationships and behaviors.  Not allowing people that he thought of as friends continue to hurt him.  His move is harder.  It’s far more emotional than just some stuff being donated.  He has been hurt, and needs to feel secure in this decision.  My concern is not just some stuff in the garage, but his need to be back on a healthy track for his life.

Adjustments and changes.

Letting go.  Asking for continued prayers and good thoughts please.



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