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Cold Cuts and Cheese

Carmen and I spent some time last week (around the 4th) at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

We ate at several wonderful places at each park, but one that is really special to us is the Brown Derby in Hollywood Studios.  The Starring Rolls Cafe (just outside The Brown Derby) is a tapas and lounge area that was unexpected treat.

Since my surgery (once I was released to normal food), I normally eat cold cuts and nuts for my lunch.

This board was super flavorful with blue, cheddar, Gouda cheese, prosciutto, hard salami, duck pate’ and I don’t remember the other pate, fresh pickles and kalamatas, dried fruit, and a ground mustard with applesauce.  The crackers were enjoyed more by Carmen, but I did have one.

It was light, refreshing, and filling.  The pate’ was amazing (garlic and spices really made the flavor pop), and the combination of flavors were really nice.

We enjoyed our time just sitting and people watching as well.  This is a great spot to do just that.



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