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Sunday Thought

“What helps me when I’m hit with anxiety is professing faith out loud:  God, You are good.  Faithful.  Aware. On it.  I place ALL my trust in You.” – Beth Moore

This week I have had more anxiety.  I place it on myself.  Too much to do, and not communicating.  I know what my faults are.  I am a perfectionist, and want to shine bright not only for myself for my workplace as well.  I want us to look great.  I had taken on a task, and became completely overwhelmed, and had a panic attack.  I sat in my car for 35 minutes (with the air on) sweating, and head pounding, mind swirling, and in utter nauseous.  Ugh.

I got up and went in, and spoke with my supervisor.  She is a wonderful manager with far too much stress on herself at the moment (and of course, I feel guilty for even going to her with this), and say:  “I am overwhelmed, and needed you to know.”  Pretty simple, right?  Hard thing to do.  For me anyway.  Then after getting through that, going to one of my other supervisors (I have 4), and telling her the same thing.  All was good, as she was stressed as well.

We divided the work at hand, and conquered.  Completed the task that needed to be done, sharing the stress of not only the work that needed to be done, but sharing with one another.

Communication is the key.  No one likes to admit that we can’t do something, or that we are behind.  Just talk it out.  Share the misery.  Ha.

I always feel better when I have shared my stress.  And, I have always shared it first with God.  He never fails.  I do. Everyday.




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