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My Choices

Spring brings a lot of discussion, it seems, to getting into the perfect summer body.  Being obese or heavy the majority of life, this never really bothered me.  It was always too much to do.

Now it is just getting healthy.  Eating right, cooking, walking, taking time for me while making good choices not just once and a while, but everyday.

Part of my journey is giving myself too harsh of judgement with my body image.  I have lots of skin, and my body is still adjusting.  In the past, I was heavy, and really didn’t care too much about what people thought.  Now that I am smaller, my self consciousness has gotten worse.  I feel better about myself, but then I look down and still see rolls, and fat.

Pictures from left to right. May 2016; June 2016; November 2016; and today, April 13, 2017.

What is so weird about these pictures is how I felt at each station. Peach shirt, right before surgery: great, I have stuck to the liquid diet and I can do this.  Blue stripe shirt: more pounds gone.  Feeling confident in my skin.  Wrap dress: I could never wear this before. Really! And today, I feel small. I know that I still have a ways to go but this I see. 50 inches gone. Size 14 PXL. A year ago I was wearing a 26/28 and felt okay about it. Never again.

Feeling really great about progress, and struggling to make the year goal of 100 pounds since surgery that is only a month away.  I need to take more pictures.  They help me see the progress even when I doubt myself.

Again, slow but sure.




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