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Sunday Thought

“People yearn to be heard.  Sometimes they shout because they feel like no one listens when they don’t.” – Beth Moore

If you have older children, I feel this statement is more than true.  My mom always yelled, but I think more of her yelling was that she was German. Ha. No, really.  I have yelled more for my kids than at them, I pray.

What do you want to yell about today?  Today, I am happy.  Feeling grateful for my roof (that needs repairing), refrigerator that is full (still need to shop, and meal prep), clean running water (need to drink more of), a comfortable, warm place to sleep (not under a bridge or without a home), and my family (that I irritate most times).  Grateful.

We should yell more about what we are grateful about than what we don’t have.  Or maybe even yell for those who can’t use their voices.


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