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Empty Nest

Sunday was a new beginning for Stephen.  We helped him move about 10 minutes away into a tiny room in a house with 4 other boys.  He is twenty. He wants to be independent.

I want to help in every step.  We have done our jobs as parents, and instilled in him good values.  Raised him to be mindful of money.  To be aware of peoples needs.  I want to guide him in placement of stuff.  Make sure he has everything that he needs.  Food. Clothing. His phone charger. Stuff.

I am partly sad about this…scared for him.  Excited for him.  He is close enough to have help if he needs it.  I doubt seriously he will need it.  He is so determined to make it on his own.  But we are here, and have made it clear that he is always welcomed to come home.

I am very happy about David and I being alone.  Alone in the house only able to blame each other for the dirty dishes or not taking out the trash.  We are happy alone together.  We enjoy one another just being in the house.  Just doing chores so to speak.  We encourage one another.  We are grateful for what the other one does.

Empty nest, but excited for our and Stephen’s new journey.  Oh, and I am excited about my future craft room.



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