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Time does heal all things, right? It has been eight years since my Mom passed away (yesterday, February 8th), and it doesn’t get any easier.

In fact, there are times, especially today, where I think it is worse.

I see my two beautiful children growing into responsible, (well – almost) beautiful adults.  I want my Mom to see that.  I want her to see every step they take. Bake her wonderful chocolate cakes for birthdays.

Everyone close to me still has their parents, and in some cases, grandparents.  That is so foreign to me. They are sympathetic, and try to understand. But they really don’t.  Death has been a part of me for so long, with so many of my loved ones that I am certain no one understands.

I just miss her. All of her, the yelling German to the sweet Mom who would just sit and brush my hair.

Oh, how I miss you Mom.



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