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Disney 2008

NaBloPoMo 2012 – Day 18
Do you feel the magic? What? The magic of Disney!  
Carmen and I love Walt Disney World in Orlando.  We want to go again.  I don’t think Stephen wants to go again.  He wants to do Universal (and so does Carmen).  I think there is something to do with Harry Potter there.  But David is in Bagram and it will be a while before we go again.  And we have gone since these photos were taken, but I thought I would go down memory lane and take you with me.  All of these photos are from our July 2008 trip.
 David and I at the Boardwalk.
 David, Carmen and Stephen with their carnival wins.
 At Cinderella’s Castle breakfast.  I love this photo.
 Not strong enough. 
 Nope, David can’t do it either.  
Love them.
The rest are our attempts at making fish faces.
David’s blow fish.
 Carmen kept making herself giggle.  
I love this part of vacations. Just being silly.  Happy memories.  Although, I am ready to feel the magic again – very soon!

Jerry Ann


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