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Bucket List

Yes, a bucket list.  Things that I would like to do or accomplish.  Not in any order, and I may change my mind tomorrow.

1.  Get a good camera – done (early birthday)
2.  Travel to Australia
3.  Travel to Japan
4.  Travel to Scotland/Ireland (they are nothing alike, but are listed together. I am not sure why.)
5.  Spend a week in New York –see a Broadway play a day.
6.  Jump out of an air plane (preferably when I want to, not need to.)
7.  Ride in a Hot Air Balloon.
8.  Dance on Broadway (was an original dream of mine at 17.)
9.  Make a quilt (like my grandmothers.)
10.  Learn to speak German – really!
11.  Learn to speak Japanese
12.  Open a restaurant.
13.  Open a store (scrap?)
14.  Write a cookbook
15.  Walk on the Great Wall of China.
16.  See Paris again with my love.
17.  See London again with my love.
18.  Conquer Algebra.
19.  Eat at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant.
20.  Eat at Morimotto’s sushi restaurant (prefer the one in Japan.)
21.  See U2 live in concert (front row preferred.)
22.  See Motley Crue in concert (I tried in 1987), and now finally done!
23.  See Poison in concert. – done
24.  Meet Bret Michaels – done
25.  Run a 5k.
26.  Live at Disney World.
27.  Be the Fairy God Mother at Disney World.
28.  Grow a vegetable garden.
29.  Write a book.
30.  Be a mentor.
31.  Refurbish a piece of furniture.
32.  Color my hair (or parts of it) pink.
33.  Be a size 12 again.
34.  Organize my scrap/craft area.
35.  Take a trip around the world.
36.  Be a tour guide.
37.  Sew a dress.
38.  Crochet a blanket.
39.  Learn to knit.
40.  Meet the Queen of England.
41.  Meet Nathan Fillion.
42.  Speak in front of a group of people without freaking out.
43.  Learn how to can vegetables.
44.  Learn how to make jam or fruit preserves.
45.  Be a friend to my children.
46.  Get a Bachelors degree.
47.  Learn more than 6 words in sign language.
48.  Live in Germany.
49.  Own a Corvette.
50.  Own a BMW or Mercedes.
51.  Go to a Dallas Cowboys Football game.
52.  Attend an Olympic event.

I have had thirty of these for over 20 plus years.  Ugh.  Trying to get some of these marked off this year, but I keep adding to the list.

Do you have a bucket list?  Does it always change (update)?  Do you place things on your list that you know you will accomplish?  Are they obtainable?  Or all fantasy?

Jerry Ann


3 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Thank you! I have driven in Germany (in a rental BMW), and it was great fun! I love it there (my mother was from there, and still have family there). Hope to go again soon.


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