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Changes.  There are always changes.  Seasons of life.  Birth. Youth.  Single Adult. Married. Children. Divorced. Widowed. Death.  We can count on these things, just like taxes.  ha.

Changes are once again happening around our house.  Carmen has moved back home from college.  Summer is almost upon us.  Another year has gone by.

My hubby has accepted a job offer to do computer work in Afghanistan.  He will be gone a year, and that is to begin very soon.  We are trying to accept the next year joyfully, gratefully, anxiously.

We were talking tonight, and he said to me, “I’m not nervous about my physical safety, I am nervous about missing you.”  I melted, and try my best not to cry.  I somewhat held it together.

My precious daughter said this, “My mother landed the lead role in a Nicholas Sparks movie.  My standards have been set.”  I lost it with her.  This meant the world to me.  We (kids and I) have struggled for the right man to be in our lives, and we have found him.  God blessed us, and we are truly grateful.  I am grateful that my daughter has a Godly man in her life, and that she has a standard for marriage.

We try to do our best daily. Moment by moment.  I just try to keep up.  We all do right? 

Prayers for traveling mercies appreciated.  Prayers for our most immediate needs to be covered.  I know that we will be provided for, always have been.  Prayers for David with endurance, strength and time to pass quickly.

Blessings today and always.

Jerry Ann


One thought on “Changes

  1. Praying for you, David and the kids during this time. I wish I were there to help and support y'all the way you did for us while Jason was gone! Hug yourself for me! Miss you!!


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