New Year · Random Thoughts · Resolutions


Resolutions…we all seem to make them, year after year, do we get anywhere?

I don’t.  I always say that “this is the year that I will…” add the following:

weight…this could mean, “I will work out more,” or “I will eat healthier,” or “I need to lose 20 pounds!”

organized…I don’t know anyone who thinks that they are organized in everything that they do…

life…go back to school, start a new adventure, try something new.

All sorts of options out there, and I think I will do the following:

I have lost 20 pounds in 2010, and plan to lose 30 in 2011.  Not a huge goal, but one that is obtainable, and maintainable.  I didn’t make any resolutions last year, and really didn’t begin to lose or think about losing weight until February.  I actually lost 23 pounds, but had gained some back, and then lost it again.  So, to end the year with 20.5 pounds gone was a triumph for me.

I also plan to organize my craft area.  David and I share an office space of 10×10.  He occupies the majority of it, and I keep gaining space.  I have gotten my sewing machine back out, and would like to quilt some towels, and repair some items without having to take it from the closet every time. 

I also plan to cook more.  We eat out a lot.  This serves a purpose I know, one of convenience.  Normally, when I get home, I have forgotten to take out the meat portion of the dinner we are to have that evening, and we will end up eating pizza, or oriental.  So, I am going to plan weekly menus, and focus on healthy eating for all of us.

Blessings to you and your families this new year.

Jerry Ann

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