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Today’s Daily Devotion

Then he said to me: “This is the curse that goes out over the face of the whole earth; “Every thief shall be expelled,” according to this side of the scroll; and, “Every perjurer shall be expelled,” according to that side of it.”  Zechariah 5:3 NKJV

I am struggling with this, especially today.  This is my devotion today, and the little story that came with it was about a woman witnessing another woman shoplift.  She did nothing about it, and thanked the security cameras so that she didn’t have to confront the person or security to take up her time.  The decision of confronting the person or turning her in was a difficult one.  Is it to be made?  All of us sin.  We are all forgiven if we choose it.

The prayer that went along was this:
Dear Lord, heavenly Father, I pray for Your righteous justice for this woman and for everyone, because we’re all sinners.  Bring us discernment and judgment as we go through each day, and help us to make the right decisions.  In Your holy name, amen.

I truly want to do the right thing.  Is it always what we should do?  We are supposed to confront our brother or sister in Christ when we are aware of wrong doing.  Someone else took care of that for her.    I pray that I do what God wants me to do, especially in difficult situations.  It doesn’t always work that way.

Do you watch and do nothing just to let past be the past?  Do you pray for that person that you are aware of wrong doing? I struggle with that more than anything.  Pray for the person?  Seriously?  Yes, Lord I know, what I am supposed to do, but I don’t always WANT to do it.  I don’t always want to do what people tell me to do either.  hmmm, I think I see a pattern.  It is easier sometimes not to do anything.  It causes less conflict, stress, and issues. 

Then I think about my character.  Is my witness and character what God would want it to be?  Do I show in my daily actions of doing the right thing?  Does it show that I am loving and forgiving? 

Lots to pray about today.  I pray that you have a good day, and that you make right decisions.



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