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Down Days

The weekend has become my down time.   Monday through Friday I work outside the home.  One day, hopefully sooner than later, I will be able to work from home.  But for now that is the way life has it.  I have been off of the medicines recommended by my RA doctor for over a year now.  Overall, I believe that I have less issues without the side effects from the medicine than being on so many different prescriptions.  I hate taking pills.

Although there are days that are extremely difficult with joint pain, and fatigue.  Weekends seem to get me more now than ever.  The weather is becoming really nice outside, and with low humidity.  This just makes me sad.  I  need to rest, if I don’t – Monday will not be a good day, or the rest of the week.  I have off Labor Day Monday, but we had activities this weekend.  The family goes and does, and here I sit, resting, with my hips throbbing, and thoroughly exhausted.  I slept until 1030 or until my back couldn’t take it anymore.  You would think that I had plenty of sleep.  Nope, not today.  I have been focusing less lately as well.  It has been a long while that I have felt this bad. 

So another weekend, and I have spent my time either in bed or on the couch.  I am grateful that my determination is better come Mondays but overall, I still don’t feel well.  Days like today I wonder if I should go back on the medicines, but they seem to make the bad days every other day, then allow me to wait until the weekends.

So, the house is quiet, and I think it is time for a nap. 

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