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Happy Fourth!

Happy Independence Day!
It is a four day weekend for me, 
and I do believe that I love being home.
We are in a place where I need to work, 
but one day I will be able to be at home full time.
Until then…  
I did a little around the house on Friday, but not much.
Yesterday (Saturday), I truly just relaxed. 
Carmen and I watch a couple of movies, and had popcorn.
Today, we stayed home from church, 
but I got up and seemed to get busy.
No one around here likes it when I get “productive”.  
I seem to go from room to room, but after a good bit, 
I have accomplished a lot. 
Not anything specific.  Just stuff.  
Hubby and Stephen will be going fishing later at Hubby’s parents dock.
Carmen is working again (Thank you God!), 
and will meet us later to watch the fireworks put on by
the City of Fort Walton, and then we will turn directions
and watch the City of Destin fireworks. 
When I grew up, I got sparklers.
Really.  That is it.  Oh, and if I had any babysitting money,
I would get those champagne bottle poppers (with paper streamers).
Those were fun. It was enough.  When I got older, I would meet 
friends and attend the show at the Northwest Arkansas Mall.
That was fun, but the traffic was crazy.
I like this holiday. 
We are blessed to have a home.  
A free place to express our thoughts, 
worship where we want.
Have fun and a safe holiday.

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