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Happy New Year! Reflections of 2009…

Happy New Year!

Today I made my mother’s sauerkraut.  I really did bring back memories, and I am quite impressed with being able to replicate her and my Oma’s (grandmother) recipe.  We had to eat it on New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day along with black eyed peas.  I didn’t care for the peas, but always enjoyed the sauerkraut.  We have eaten throughout the year when Mom was alive, but I haven’t made it in a long while.  It with the peas was supposed to bring luck for the new year.  Not to really believe that, but you never know.

Not everyone enjoys it.  But I most certainly do. It was a good beginning to the year I believe.

2009 brought Carmen to the hospital last January for approximately 9 days.  We are so very blessed that she is doing well, and has grown into a beautiful young woman. We totaled a vehicle by hitting a dear, which sent our finances upside down. It has been a growing experience, one in humility, with our finances.  But I believe that we are much better now than a year ago, without using a credit card, and on the road to get out of debt.  God has been really good to us. 

I am in awe of His grace. 

I am doing okay with my health.  I am tired, fatigued.  My vision seems to go blurry when I am very tired.  I am resting, but still feeling like I am not getting anything done.  I enjoy cooking, and cleaning and, oh, too many things that I can’t seem to do on a daily basis.  Once work is done, and dinner cooked, I am exhausted. 

I am blessed. David is a source of strength and my reminder to take things easier than I do.  Carmen is a help around the house, and does more than I ask.  Stephen is as tall as me, and keeps growing.  He is one to give hugs, and snuggles when I need it the most. 

I pray you have a wonderful year.
Jerry Ann


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