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Foodie Photos

My last post – Baked Ziti – I posted a picture of the food on a plate. I normally take about 10 different photos of food (on the plate, on the counter, in the pot), but they have never turned out like this one.

As I have mentioned before, I love reading Ree Drummond’s “The Pioneer Woman” blog. She has an awesome Nikon, and takes some of the best shots. I don’t. But, she also gives some basic blogging advice on pictures. Use natural light (I did – kitchen window), get close the food, use a tripod or elbows to stabilize the camera.

This is one that I tried…

As you can see, the angle is wrong, light is darker, and it just doesn’t look as good. I actually think I moved.

But this one…

…it just worked, and I had to brag about it. Now if I can only do that again! ha.

Happy cooking.


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