Birthdays are nice, aren’t they?

At least they are to me. August 22 is the date, Saturday was the day.

I was able to spend it with family and friends (at least for a little bit). Carmen had to work during the day, and I wasn’t feeling great. Shana was in town, and we need to go over to Pensacola to get her computer back to her. So, at least I got to visit with her. She got me this wonderful box of birthday goodies…and I forgot to wear the one thing I was supposed to have on a pink and sliver plastic crown (that lights up).

This year was a little sad for me.

For some reason, I have been missing my Mom more this time around my birthday than other times lately. She always made chocolate cake. Duncan Hines box mix, and chocolate icing, but she made it. She also used to write with some color iced tube “happy birthday, Jerry Ann” somewhere on the cake, and it was never even.

School always started around my birthday. I used to have swimming parties when I was younger. I love to have friends around and give me lots of attention. Growing up we didn’t have a lot, and since it was around the school year starting, my presents always seemed to be the clothes and shoes I got for school. But, I always had my cake, and sometimes even flowers.

But, this year, I just wanted my Mom, and maybe her chocolate cake.

Kiss your Mom, tell her you love her.

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