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Dirty Rice

Dirty Rice…

This was a staple for me growing up. Ground beef, rice, and tomatoes. It was wonderful to have as leftovers, and you could cook it year round.

It is a comfort food for me.

Start cooking your rice (I use Jasmine Rice), and I cook it in the microwave.

Then chop 1 medium yellow onion (or any other kind of onion that you like), and about 4 stalks of celery. My hands were hurting, so David (my wonderful hubby) did the chopping for me.

Start browning hamburger meat, celery, and onions until hamburger is browned and the onions are translucent.

I add in some spices, and soy sauce.

I add this to taste –really not sure how much. Sorry.

Once meat is browned, add in cooked rice.

Slice some tomatoes (my plants have grown and have yet to produce fruit) so these are store bought, but still good.

I chopped up a couple of sliced tomatoes, and stir in to the dirty rice.

Yummy – enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Dirty Rice

  1. This sounds really good…sans the tomatoes. However, I think I could try it with canned petite diced and get away with it…maybe. Sounds like a winner for the frugal, quick, kid-firendly and real food catagories!! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Kristen – you don't have to have the tomatoes, it just adds something fresh to it. David adds teriyaki sauce, and I like to use Thai sweet chili sauce with it. Stephen loves it with the fresh tomatoes, and Carmen loves soy sauce on it. So, it is really general – you could even add sour cream to it and make it a cream type sauce.
    My pleasure – and yes, it is very cheap. =)


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