Yard…the jungle

Well, it took a friend coming from Alabama to say that our yard was turning into a jungle, for us to do something about it.

Me, well, I am not allowed to do a lot. I try to follow those rules. Arguments would occur. It is really a better marriage if this does not occur. So…

We cut back expenses in the winter months, and let go our wonderful yard man, Mr. Nuebauer. He took care of everything, weed and feed, trimming the trees and bushes, edging the yard, and caring for the grass. We have maintained mowing once…maybe twice. But all of the weeds have taken over, and I couldn’t really say anything (see above).

So…one picture of before:

So…my wonderful husband, David and our children Carmen and Stephen went to work…Embarrassed I believe.

Stephen mowed. This was his second time mowing. Much better this time. We tried to get him to watch where he had already mowed, and to look for spots that needed to be redone.

Carmen weeded with David. She also took care of the racking of the oak leaves in the back, and helping with the planting of the Vincas.

David. Dug up dead bushes, weeded the flower bed closest to the house, and then planted the Vincas (when I got tired).

And the partial results:

This was a blank spot from the driveway in between the sidewalk…and drive.
I planted these flowers, and then watered.

It still needs a ton of work…but we are on way.
It was fun doing it as a family. It was nice sitting in the shade, watching my loveys do what I bid. I love cleaning, and growing…taking pride in our home.

So, no longer a jungle…we are on our way to having a beautiful yard again.


One thought on “Yard…the jungle

  1. It is looking great! It is always great to do things as a family after all it is a home for the whole family. Home is where the heart is!


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