Why is it such an indulgence…having a pedicure?

Today, was down day for me…that normally consists of sitting on the couch, normally being catered to by my sweet, loving, husband David, on the couch, not moving much, and IF I do…well, it is to tend to the needs of the body, nothing more or less, with drugs…drugs to cope with the swelling and pain.

Today was different. Hurting. Swollen, still am, yet here I type…away the moments of the day.

Okay…back to toes…it is a pure indulgence…sweet. You sit in this chair, that gently massages your back, as your feet are in warm to hot water…then some stranger (that you may or may not know by name), starts to clean your feet. Mind you, it is NOT about your feet being cleaned or groomed by any means, it is an art. First, tending to what needs to be done…then the lotion. Ah, the lotion. A reminder this is happening while the chair you are siting in massages your back and neck…feet. My feet hurt…from the ankles down, heck, from the hips down on my down days. Feet…back to the feet…

It hurts to walk, move, hurts to touch. But this is indulgence remember. Jessica (the strangers name) knows me well enough to not put pressure on the massage of the lower part of the legs. Spots on the bottom of your feet are supposed to help certain organs, and Jessica (in her own words) starts in the kidney areas, then the joints…then stomach…


“A rose by dawn…broke by noon” is the OPI (nail color) that I chose for the day. Pink is a great color. Feminine. Pure girlie. Down days are meant to be girlie. Feminine. Well, for me that’s all that matters…Pink, glitter. Perfect. Lotion, soft, hurts when massaged to nothing. But on down days, toes – it is the greatest pleasure.

Everyone should have a down day…one that you go either by yourself or with girlfriends…just go. It is so uplifting. No matter the cost.

We (David and I) ended up attending the Stage Crafters play “Life after high school” at the Fort Walton Beach auditorium…and saw a so-so show…but it was good to dress up (with the toes), and attend the show with my loving husband.

A good night.
still hurt.
but a good night…


2 thoughts on “Toes

  1. Jerry Ann,
    I have lupus, too, and suffer with the same pains you speak of. I love this post because I can totally relate to the joy of having a pedicure. For me, bending over to reach my toes is not always an option so having someone else paint my toenails is not only a luxury, but sometimes a necessity! Stay strong and stay positive and know that you’re not alone in your pains!!


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