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NaBloPoMo2012 – Day 28

My favorite Bible is a leather bound, NKJV, Women’s Study Bible that I have had since August 22, 2001.  It was given to me by precious friends.  Inside the front cover they have signed it with their favorite verses.

Several of the verses come from Philippians 4.  And they are my two favorite verses.

Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!  Phil. 4:4

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil. 4:13

I have had a hard time finding a new Bible.  Mainly this one has sad memories associated with it.  My first husband didn’t see the need in purchasing much for anyone but him.  My friends knew that I had purchased this Bible for me (in hard cover), and had to return it.  So for my birthday they had purchased it and inscribed it with my name.

So every time I see my name I remember that.  They purchased something so beautiful for me to study.  I still use it daily.  It is my favorite with the added features for women.

Carmen and I were shopping on Friday after Thanksgiving, and we went into the Lifeway store.  My only reason to go in there was to purchase a gift card, but it never works out that way.  I have been wanting to update Carmen’s Bible as well, since hers was a teenage Bible.  So after finding several things for purchase, I went over to see if she had found one that she liked.  She had, and we purchased it.  But in the process of looking at the Bibles, I saw one.  A new Women’s Study Bible in the New King James Version (my favorite), and leather bound.  I purchased it, and will have it inscribed with my name.

I will treasure my old Bible, but it was time to put the past away and move forward.  The new Bible will be wrapped and placed under the tree for me from the kids.  I will treasure it.

Jerry Ann


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