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Friends and Family

Who do you consider family?

I have lost most of my immediate family over the years, and tend to believe that my friends are my family. I have family in Germany, and love them dearly.  But they are so far away.

One young family, in particular, was difficult to get to know.  God opened a door, and all of us have been so very blessed.  I have spoken of them before…but this morning part of them are traveling North.  North for another adventure in their lives. 

The youngest one…C…wrapped himself around all of our fingers.

He is a joy.  Just over a year old…and we have gotten so much love from him.  Babies love big.  Big love.  You see it in their faces, happy to see you.

This little family has had so much impact on our lives.  Touched each one of us.  Carmen: a big sister.  Stephen: an paper airplane friend.  David:  joy, from all 3 of them with games, talks, and smiles.  Learning more of himself, and the joys that a baby can bring.  Me: family. 

Today is bittersweet.  Knowing that we won’t see them for a long while, hurts our hearts.  Knowing that we will see them soon…and that we have made life-long friendships:  priceless…truly.  God given family.

We love you.


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