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Ahi Tuna

I love tuna…Ahi Tuna.  I like to eat it raw (sushi), or seared.  The other night I was craving seared tuna.  For the first time ever, I videoed myself of searing the tuna.  Y’all…it was terrible.  So…you get a picture of the completed tuna. Kuddo’s to anyone who does this themselves…without any assistance.  Seriously (side note…I have been saying this way too much).

Ahi Tuna…I purchased one steak (about five ounces).  Salt, pepper and sesame seeds to coat both sides.  Heat your pan with Grape Seed Oil on medium/high heat. img_4236The heat on this should have been a bit higher as the sear is not as good as it should be (too much oil as well – so more of a saute than sear).img_4238My serving…with a rice vinegar carrot salad, and Jasmine rice.  img_4239I drizzled a bit of soy sauce and scallions on top.  I love this fish, and the flavors of this dish.  I need to make it more often.

What is your favorite fish, and how do you prepare it?



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