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Our road to college…

Carmen has decided to look in the State of Florida for colleges to attend.  And, if I may add, thank you God.  Money alone is enough justification, but add travel costs, especially now with gas prices, helps in finding one that is right for her and us.

I will say, I thought I was ready for this transition in our lives. I have been encouraging Carmen to look at lots of different schools, in and out of state. She has applied and has been accepted at LSU, Auburn, FSU, and Spring Hill.  All are absolutely wonderful schools, and well worth every penny just not our pennies.  FSU still may play in her decision, but right now, she isn’t feeling it.  Feeling it?  Really? 

She is 18.  An adult, I suppose, legally anyway.  But, if she continues to not be able to locate a place in her home town, how is she supposed to locate things at a university?  I want to let go, and let her find her way.  How do parents do this?

How do we do this?  Train them up – right?  Let them go?  They are not ours, but God’s – and for His purpose.  I know this.  I trust in Him to guide her path, and ours.  He has done an incredible job with Carmen so far.  I can’t wait to see what her future holds. 

College…her new adventure…and it continues…

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