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Shana’s Strawberry Trifle

My dear kindred spirit made this recipe several years ago for Easter.  It was wonderful, then and now.  She gave me the simple recipe, and of course, I have misplaced it.

I don’t know why this is happening…my mind that is.


Okay –
1 large tub of strawberries, hulled and cut up into bit size pieces.
1 large package strawberry jello – not sugar free.
1 large package of vanilla pudding – follow directions
1 Angel Food cake (I used store bought) torn up into bite size pieces.
1 large tub cool whip or other whipped topping.  

Tear the Angel Food into bite size pieces.  Sprinkle the strawberry jello over the cake.  Keep dry, and stir to coat the pieces of cake.

Layer into a glass dish as follows:

Angel Food cake, vanilla pudding, strawberries, cool whip.  Repeat and top with a few strawberries for decoration.


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